Xenophobia – the problem

We’re learning about migration in Aus Studies…and while we were reading the latest “Ausfolio” (a both fun and fascinating literary source *cough*) We rediscovered the word “Xenophobia” – fear of foreigners. Just a irrelevant and probably useless (though possibly amusing) though on this. What happens when a Xenophobe goes travelling to a foreign country? Technically, they then are the foreigners, so should they fear themselves? Anyways…thats my random thought for the day (well, actually yesterday, but oh well) Anyone else had any random thoughts about anything lately?



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5 responses to “Xenophobia – the problem

  1. CJ

    hey i was randomly thinkin about how my life is so similar to that of a clock…i know it sounds really random and wateva but it really does make sense i wrote a short story on it!! but yes Xenophobia eh?? interesting thought! thats like Theomaniacs i think it is wen they go into a church do they think its devoted to them?? (theomania-if im thinkin correctly its the belief that they are god)…

  2. Hey, thats cool! It also sounds like a form of Paranoid Schizophrenia. I had another random thought today which was something along the lines of “wouldn’t it be cool if we had negative numbers?” Which brought about the usual “you freak!” response : )

  3. CJ

    dont we have negative numbers?? oh im confussed…im still pondering whether mylife is similar to that of a clock but also that if u can have just add water mash potato can u have just add water humans?? like the cuppa soups where u add water…mmm the possibilities…

  4. sez

    yeah, don’t we have negative numbers..?? and that’d be really really weird…reconstituted people…hmm…

  5. By negative numbers, I meant negative numbers on the phone. I just forgot to write the phone bit. Oh well.

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