Well, it’s nearly 11 and I feel like typing

Avoidance of maths homework…not a good trait to have. This is what I am exercising at this very moment. After a weekend of much confusion (and strange noises and confessions) I appeared at the other end of it having watched The Empire Stikes Back, Mr and Mrs Smith, with a completed English oral, debate and Aus studies project. Also interestingly enough, I somehow managed to watch NCIS three times…but most of all, I have a new bag! I think the handle is tame, but only time will tell.

Qustion: Is it strange that this weekend has felt like it’s gone forever, yet I can’t remember most of it?

Watch Black Books! 9:00p.m Wednesday ABC!



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7 responses to “Well, it’s nearly 11 and I feel like typing

  1. sez

    hooray for the new handle!! well…new bag…u know!! so how do you make the writing bounce? how’s mr and mrs smith?

  2. sez

    and no it’s not weird – i dont feel like that this weekend, but i certainly have in the past

  3. CJ

    new handle coolies ummm how did the maths go? how was the empire stickes backs?

  4. CJ

    yayayayayay Black Books! its on tonite yayayayay watch it watch it watch it watch it!!!

  5. The maths…it never goes…I was doing it before, and my mind was getting so addled, I took a break from it…and did specialist maths instead…but I took a Black Books break! It was so good!!! Go Black Books!

  6. I just realised that I spelt question wrong…thats because all my “e”‘s were being used for maths…

  7. CJ

    mmm yes elizabeth…maths…actually i just had maths we r doin pythagorean triads…

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