Escapades of The Amazing Leaping Straw – The Network Strikes Back

It seems that there is a network of implements working against the human race. To begin with, we had The Handle; a cruel instrument of inconvenience, desperately fighting against the schedules of innocent schoolgirls. When The Handle was finally “taken down,” all thought that the battle was over. How wrong this thought was. After about a week of calm, came the confirmation that It was not yet over. After a week, came: the Amazing Leaping Straw. This was not a solitary agent, no doubt, countless other people have experienced attack from this plastic platoon – there you are, innocently ordering a drink, only to find that, upon its arrival the straw is trying to escape! Not only this however, while on its way out, it’s doing it’s utmost to Splash You. No matter how much you push it back down, the combination of the strong willed Leaping Straw, and laws of Physics and buoyancy will keep attempting to defy you. The only alternative to giving up is to chug half the glass, or wait for the ice to melt, and so dilute the fizzyness of the drink. This is EXACTLY what the straw wants. There is no escaping the wrath of Inanimate Objects.

Stand Strong: There is a possibility of victory! We cannot let them win.



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10 responses to “Escapades of The Amazing Leaping Straw – The Network Strikes Back

  1. sez

    i think we need to form the PAIOC – Protection Against Inanimate Objects Club/Committee. and we can have a logo!! woo!! and a motto! wow. like “we cannot let them win” or similar. what do you think?

  2. CJ

    whoa and i thought that i was a sucker for destroying inanimate objects. but i think that the club committee idea is a good one… i think that there should be a comittee…ah smart ppl

  3. Yes! Great idea! PAIOC sound like a good name…now to work on the logo and motto…

  4. sez

    we now have 8 members; me, elizabeth, cj, ellen, louise, moff, andre and lib – wow, 8 members, for only a day of existence that’s pretty good!! i think the motto needs to be worked out before we can really do the logo…something like “down with inanimate objects” or [as i said b4] “we cannot let them win” or “join us and help stop them” [altho that one’s a tad gay] ok this comment is as long as a post, i’m going now :P

  5. I totally don’t know what this blog is about. Period. I WANT an explanation immediately! Come to my weirdo blog and explain it. And then I will come back to this one and show you how to eat flying monkeys with a spoon.

  6. CJ

    coolios 8 members well done guys man wen u like the idea of something u jump straight on the gravy train dont u…

  7. you are all crazy.. seriouslywhere do i sign?

  8. sez

    yeh – 9 members now – nic [aka saber] just joined :D

  9. CJ

    well r u proud of urself now Elizabeth uv started a revoult against inanimate objects…

  10. Yes! Very soon the tables may turn! And Ling Na also joined, and I think Carmen did too, so thats about 11!

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