The L in Avocado

I have a strange compulsion. It’s not so much an impulse or an urge, more of an inherent need – as though if I don’t do it, the world will fall apart around me, and the elephants will finally make their move and seize control. So what is it? What could possibly be so incorrect, and yet so unavoidable? Picture this: you’re writing a school assignment/email/shopping list, and it comes to the point where you have to write it, the word itself, avocado…on the surface of it, it seems simple, ordinary, not sinister in the least, but if this is truly the case, then why do I always spell it “AVOLCADO” ??? There has never been an “L” in avocado. There has never been a need to have an “L” in avocado. So why do I always see fit to put it there? It’s mind boggling. It causes alienation of a perfectly good word, and strikes fear in the hand of those (well, me…because I’m sure you can all spell it) writing it. Wow, now I can finally understand what it would be like to be one of “the Knights who say “Ni!””

I said It! Oh I said It again! You said It!!!



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5 responses to “The L in Avocado

  1. sez

    well, that’s like spelling any other word wrongly [such as ‘can’t’ as ‘kan’t’…yes, yes i did that…] but avolcado… i dont think it shld be spelt avocado, it needs to be more avacadoh…avocadoh…i duno…but u make a valid point…although, how often do u write ‘avocado’ in emails?? OH and i’ve thought of another one; i ALWAYS put a ‘t’ on the end of although = althought…sooo annoying!!! anyway, must dash… [well not really, i just can’t think of anything else to write…]

  2. hehehehehe,You are so……..hilarious!!! I’ve just been catching up on all the posts that i’ve missed whilst undergoing the wrath that is homework!!! Anyways, I particularly enjoyed the NEW BANE OF LIFE! HA! You are so…..right! Yeh, I do things like put extra letters in words as well….but I’ve never quite put an L in Avocado…Anyways, keep up the hilarious posts! Have a FAB weekend buddy and I’ll c ya monday!luv Ellen :) xox

  3. CJ

    haha u spell avocado wrong haha…sad coz u can spell antidisestablishmentarianism perfectly fine

  4. OMGI spell amazing amaising and I have no idea why?I thought maybe it was an adelaide thing but yeah I’m not sure if it is or not…your a great writer, do you like write like stories? lol or like poems *said in a really ditsy voice*anywayI love that word Cj…anywaycya

  5. sez

    what is that word anyway?? [yay elizabeth!! 5 comments!!!

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