Life as a Gerbra Bearer

My Laptop is on Hiatus. I recommend typewriters to everyone. Not only do they make fun noises during celebrity spelling bees, but you also get to create your very own exclamation marks! As an added bonus, if you touch the tape, life begins to get very, very fingerprinty…

Three weeks have passed, and the majority of us have emerged on the other side as slightly different people. Some have become bearers of various flowers, symbolic of various roles, some people have gotten slightly older (well, in actuality, we’re all getting slightly older all the time…in the time it took me to write that, I too have aged vastly) There’s been the beginning of exams, and much saying of “Dui Bu Qi, wo bu zhi dao” a.k.a. “I’m sorry, I don’t know. Korean soap operas translated into Cantonese, then into Mandarin have been watched for “revisical purposes,” and, possibly most significantly of all, there has been: watching of Pride and Prejudice, reading of Pride and Prejudice, talking about Pride and Prejudice, rewinding and fast-forwarding of Mary Bryant to see ad for Pride and Prejudice. I fear if this continues for much longer, there will be “Severe Pride and Prejudice induced bashing” quickly curtailed by the contagious bouts of “Darcyism.”

…also some horse won some race.

But what is the most important thing that has happened thus far? Is it the looming dawn of a position of responsibility and leadership within the school? Is it the developing talent of balancing work with play? Is it remembering to change your Gerbera’s water? Alas! No, it is none of the above. It is: realising the irony that on most bottles of correction fluid, the product inside is proclaimed to be “Wite-out.” Clever advertising method, or just pure, blatent, and traditional: what-the?-ism? A question unlikely to be answered, but yet allowed me to use two question marks over three letters and a symbol!

So in closing: “Look at Mars!!! It’s red and visible and in the sky… all this month!

…and no, I am not going to talk about the aggression that is me vs. badminton…GAH!



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21 responses to “Life as a Gerbra Bearer

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  2. CJ

    hey elizabeth good to finally hear from u again! so everyones changeing (wat a surprise lol) but yes neways i still havent seen pride and predjudice i read the book (mental blank on spelling) i am procrastinating right now from doin a legal assignment!

  3. sez

    pride and prejudice = so good. tho maybe rewinding/fast forwarding is a little extreme…you know what would be REALLY mean but REALLY funny? getting someone’s *cough* brother’s *cough* liquid white out in a bottle and putting paint/ food colouring in it ;o) definately no longer white-out hehe [well i would if he had white-out…]yay for mars!!

  4. what is with everyone and darcism? Ok maybe i ave no idea but why is everyone obsessed…it feels like when the OC came out and eeryone was like SETH and you had to have an OC background to be spoken to by anyone…Yeahtis lost… :'(

  5. In all the hysteria of Darcyism, I’d forgotten all about Seth! ..but Darcy is still good……btw, just noticed: Mars not in sky, as that would put it uncomfortably close to earth. What should have been said is: “Mars is visible in the sky, but in actualtity is quite a distance away

  6. CJ

    lol nice cover there elizabeth!

  7. sez

    PHEW! look! its comment number 7!! woohoo!! you’re nearly to 20!

  8. sez

    and look! number 8! wow you are popular, aren’t you? :P

  9. Hey Elizabeth,Great post, yet again. There has definitely been some ‘Pride and Prejudice hysteria’ in everyone these past few weeks and you have certainly mentioned Mr Darcy so many times that I fear you may have delved into your new obsession…Anywho, keep the hilarious posts coming…Luv lots, Ellen:) xox

  10. CJ

    yay 10 sorry continuing on from sez its all her fault lol

  11. sez

    muahaha! its elizabeth’s aim to get at least 20 comments by the end of the year, so let’s help her out!! woohoo!! comment number 11!! so people, what do you think of… communism? [it was the first thing that came to mind… what the?!]

  12. Elizabeth, Elizabeth, i love you sooo much – you are so funny!! A few seconds ago i was depressed etc and now im laughing!nothing like your blog! btw i second your darcyism thingo i love him!!!

  13. quoth the raven, “never more”.Edgar Allen Poe eats Darcy and Seth for Breakfast! And a WHOLE bowl of CornFlakes as well! How much more hard-kore can u get?Answer: Very.Mars is great big shiny star – unfortunately no green flashes from it’s surface, so no martians comming to kill us. Awwwww!

  14. sez

    aw damn, no martians for us. i wonder if you could keep them as pets?

  15. sez

    wow, look, after this comment you’ll only have 5 comments to go to get to 20!! woohoo!!

  16. Yay! Then it’ll be four more after this! Speaking of Mars, yesterday there was this massively bright thing which couldn’t possibly have been a star, and yet was not moving, so could not have been a plane/satelite/U.F.O…and meteorites are not shiny, so WHAT THE?

  17. maybe it was a giant metal shoe NASA engineers put up there one blindingly-drunk night after a reasonably sucessful party? Or it could have been a planet, they’re pretty bright at certain times of the year.

  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. Or an U.H.O?Unidentified Hovering Object.2 more comments to go?

  20. sez

    woooo!!! last comment!!!! YOU HAVE 20 COMMENTS ELIZABETH!!!! your goal was completed on sunday november 6th, 2005 at 4:31 australian central time [??] on daylight saving. yay!!

  21. Yay! At last I have achieved my ultimate goal! (well, this will put it at 21, but it doesn’t count) Woohoo!We thought it might have been Mars but it was BIG, as in beyond comprehension of normal twinkly things big, so confusion continues to ensue…maybe it was a space lighthouse to alert the passing martians to unexpected space boulders…

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