Punching the Pantry

Walking back home through today’s random downpour, whistling “Singing in the Rain” and enjoying the irony maybe just a little bit too much, it was then that the realisation that there is less than a week left of free days left until: The-year-that-was-always-so-far-away-and-which-signifies-sudden-and-horrible-almost-adulthood.

What does this year mean? More homework, less sleep? Arranging your regular television programs into priority order in a vain attempt to see what you can axe from your schedule? Tidying up, to the point where your paperclips are colour coded and arranged merrily in size order lined up across your desk? Listening to movies while staring at a book, because you’re still being constructive, and it doesn’t really count as “watching.”

…how are we going to survive?

Well, cool and not nerd-like as I am, I have compiled a list of…stuff. Anyways, I thought I’d share with you all for when the work gets too much, there’s always random things that don’t makes sense that can make you feel a whole load better.

· [while proposing] “I have four words that will change our lives forever.”
“The cloud is accelerating!!!” – Fantastic Four
· In “Once More With Feeling” Giles says “She need’s back up” followed by “Anya, Tara.” For two years I thought this was “I need a guitar.” Heh, weird.
· “D*mn!” said Carrot, a difficult linguistic feat – “Guards! Guards!” Terry Pratchett
· “A drunk clown hurt me once” – Scrubs
· “That’s why I’m a cat” – crazy guy in “The Real Me”
· “Ahasuerus…I think that’s how he said his name. It sounded like a sneeze.” – “Homeward Bounders” – Diana Wynne Jones

Random Thoughts
· an average person hits the snooze button on their alarm clock three times in the morning. Therefore, if you decide to wake up bright and early and make the most of life, you are below average.
· If a person decides to study mathematics intently, and make the focus of their study null values, and the effects of zero, they could tell people that they “really know nothing.”
· Everyone in a tv program or comic book lives in an alternate universe in some sense, because the television program/book they’re from does not exist where they are. This is particularly weird if it’s something famous or influential. For example, in Smallville, that program would not be on for Clark, Lana, etc. to watch, and no one in that world would ever have read a Superman comic book, because it had never come into being there. Thus, songs like “Superman” by Lazlo Bane, and “Superman” by Five by Fighting (wow these singers are creative people) would not ever have been written, and this would in turn affect Scrubs, which would have a different theme song!

Anyways, add stuff to the super list to help and keep us sane!



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12 responses to “Punching the Pantry

  1. CJ

    hey elizabeth well that final end all year has begun and i am currently at skool (the dreded school) in a spare writing to u even tho i have far to much homework to have this luxury… but never the less i promised to write during my spare so here it is for u! ill tell u one thing tho u seem to forget how bitchy school really at times when your on holidays! like its not intensly bad and probably not so much for u guys but here its all about who ur friinds r a shit like that… i dont care im in joying my friends company so up the rest!

  2. sez

    nice work elizabeth!! good quotes and …stuff. hehe well here’s some quotes… [they really have nothing to do with anything, but you know… :P]-“There’s less violence in the world when people are using Hula-Hoops.” – Mikey Way [My Chemical Romance]-Frank: ‘Has Goldfinger ever seen any mooses?’Mikey: ‘That’s not the plural of moose, it’s moosi.’Gerard: ‘Fuck off, it’s meese.’Frank: ‘Has Goldfinger ever seen a flock of meese advancing on him? It’s a terrifying sight. They aren’t small creatures. You would just run off like a girl or a boy. What does running like a girl mean anyway?’ [some of the guys from MCR]-“We’re also metal in the sense that we’ve a lot of metal on our instruments and I have quite a lot on my belt buckle as well” – Mikey Way-‘I like popsicles.’ – Mikey Way-‘Popsicles should be the new black and then everyone would have one.’ – Frank Iero [MCR][go away! dolk is the new black!!]-“If you don’t listen, you’re never gonna learn”-Frankie Iero [see, some of them are relevant!]-“Mmm, you can almost smell the burning pork… Hey, you ever thrown rocks at cops?” – Tre Cool-“There’s nothing wrong with being a loser, it just depends on how good you are at it!” – Billie Joe Armstrong-“Life is pretty silly so…might as well be silly!” – Billie Joe Armstrong [i like that one :D]-“Never run in the rain with your socks on!” – Billie Joe Armstrong [timeless advice that! well, until they invent something which doesn’t require you to wear socks… like… thongs… or sandals…]-“I can count to four & repeat… I’m a drummer!” -Tre Cool-“Dogs are gonna take over the world. It’s a known fact for those who believe it, kinda like the Bible…” -Mike Dirnthehe i could keep going forever!!-“Its very important to not sit on anything sharp when your naked” – Seb [SP]-“I used to clean the stupid toilets in my stupid high school!” [so beware. you may end up cleaning toilets at school. alternatively, you might end up in an extremely popular band…]”I get out of the car, then I get run over by bus. Oh, man, then I…ehm..I guess I didn’t die coz.. Yeah…Okay, bye.” – Seb-Seb: I’m always sick so i’m really scornful! David: You know what, Seb, you sould sleep in a big giant condom!!! -“its that time of week again… time to brush my teeth! three times a day my ass…” – Pat [SP’s web/merch guy :P]-Pierre: This is the coolest thing ever, the coolest thing in the world!Pat: What are you doing?Pierre: Feeding kangaroos, can’t ya tell? [SP]Pat: What have you learnt so far on this tour Jeff?Jeff: i’ve learnt that the hard rock cafe isnt from america, its actually from here, and *something else i cant remember :P*Pat: what have you learnt so far on this tour seb?Seb: when there’s no top on the bus… its windy!-“David screams in his sleep, or talks backwards. I think he might be an alien” – Seb[to understand this one, you have to know that jeff is bald. jeff is bald. now you know :P haha]-“Yeah, i heard Jeff talk about me. I heard him say that he thinks my mum must’ve dropped me when i was young. well his mum must’ve pulled him by the hair too often! HA!” – DavidDavid:…yeah, Jeff can’t read, i feel so bad for him. *walks over to Jeff, who is holding a timetable of some sort* what do you wanna know, buddy?Jeff: *mumbles*David: well it’s upside down… but…yeah ok i think i’d better stop now or i honestly will just keep going forever :P there’s a few quotes in there that have… a really deep message in them i think :P hahahhahahahhaaand yes, school sucks. not that we’re back yet. ITS TOMORROW! AHHH!! NOOOOO!!! lol

  3. sez

    hah that was so long!!and elizabeth, why is this one called ‘punching the pantry’??

  4. Whoa! That was long!!! Wow. Yeah, the title really has nothing to do with anything…I couldn’t think of what to call it, so I looked down at my hand, which was now + injury from where I accidenally swung my hand too hard while I was reaching for something, the result being “Punching the Pantry” …and so, that’s why it doesn’t make sense!

  5. CJ

    yeah dont hurt walls they r nice… haha morgs sort of thing to say

  6. Ah, but I didn’t! It was a shelf…a pointy, evil shelf… :[

  7. CJ

    well that different then i hope u go home and kick that shelf ass!

  8. I would, but it could hurt me worse…did I mention the pointiness???AGGH!

  9. u have to read a comic called bear! it is AWESOME!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAA, IT JUST BURPED UP A PIGION< HAHAHAHAHAA< THATS THE GREATEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN!! HAHAHAHAHA hehehe its an awesome comic!

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