Technological Rebellion

I don’t understand my computer’s newfound disdain for me. Not only is it an assassin of conversation, it is an avid supported of the Windows Blue Screen of Death, the dreaded hue appearing at regular intervals, proclaiming the occurrence of some random “Fatal Error” known only by an illuminating name such as: “F110942HK00”.

It’s not as though it is mistreated, or acting out in a pre-teen (it’s only six years old) rebellion. Does it have it’s own space? Yes! Does it get regular attention? Yes! Does it get weekly, time consuming anti-virus scans? Yes!

So what is causing this rift, nay void that’s ever increasing in size? Acting out, it won’t go to sleep when I tell it to, and as a result, takes ages to get going the next day.

…it must be in cahoots with “The Bag.”


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One response to “Technological Rebellion

  1. CJ

    bastardry i say! damn that blue screen of death!your comp gets really well treated mine just gets a wipe everynow and then to get the dust off (coz its really dusty in G-Long)

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