Red Green Blue Violet

Today many Year 12s took the metaphorical plunge into Exam Week. Not me though. I had to be literal.

With phone in hand, messagerial intentions at heart, and eyes apparently left somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere, the last two stairs were wrongly written off as negligible and I found myself, somewhat over-exuberantly saying good morning to the carpet.

Now armed with two grazed knees (one carpet-burned and the other brick-burned), a fruit smoothie, a bottle of water, a mug of tea, and 2.5 cm (or 0.025 in correct units) worth of Physics textbook, the day was supposedly getting back on track, and steering away from loopiness like a electron away from the positive plate (hey, I said nothing about staying away from minor nerdiness).

After a swiss cheese hour, the holes being calls from Myer, the arrival of registered mail, and more tea gettage, my mind was happily losing its grasp on normality, so that when I put my hands behind my head and felt two random bumps at the base of my skull that hurt when pressed, the logical conclusion was a valiant escape attempt by my brain.

…anyways, I’m losing focus because the BEST scene in Beauty and the Beast’s coming up (No one fights like Gaston – have always been fascinated by him eating 3 dozen eggles complete with shells! ) so I’ll conclude, in a coherent, and very predictable way:

Gaston looks like the Scorpion King.


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