David Tennant Bathers

Google image search is not without its charms. For both study and “other”, it rarely fails to deliver. Glossitis? There. Caput medusae? Check. David Tennant in swimmers…I’ve yet to look, but willing to guess “present”.

*10 highly Tardisised and Casanova filled minutes later…*

However with OSCEs looming in the very near horizon, one does get a good glimpse of how far detached from reality study can make you when you find yourself image searching “clubbing”, leading to the ‘led being thouroughly baffed. Ah well, you get what you get.

Clinical skills is a dangerous world. If you’re not pounding out a jaunty percussion noted tune through your long suffering non-dominant hand’s middle finger, or poking your parents and friends in the neck “just in case you have tracheal deviation” you emerge from your textbooks only to realize you haven’t actually been outdoors in the last three days, and being away from people has made you start to chuckle at terms such as “biceps jerk.”

..you know…jerk. They’re annoying and make you spasm. Ha. Well…it’s funny if you’ve had your anterior humour sensory pathway removed.

Oh well, at least the compulsive tea drinking has toned down over the holidays.

Anyways, on this shambled note (which i hope is resonant and not in the least bit dull), I’ll wish everyone the best of luck for tomorrow and this term.

Oh yes, and for those wondering about the exciting and dynamic picture…Google image search the subject line of this post. I dare you.


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