No Shia for Sez

Message to all: it is now ok to roll down your sleeves. You will no longer be receiving slightly socially inappropriate requests to have you pulse taken.*

However, with an OSCE practice shaped void now in my life, I found myself filling my day with not as much sleep as previously expected, two visits to David Jones, an unhealthy level of enthusiasm for buying new bus tickets, a killing streak and 50 minutes worth of textbook perusal, leading to a now ridiculously sore left arm.

That, or I’m having an MI as thoughtfully pointed out by my parents.

Anyways, I have not much to say, and even less ability to say it, mostly because my left hand does 50% of the typing. Strangely, it is attached to my left arm which is seemingly on strike. This leaves righty to pick up the slack, and I can’t afford the overtime. Plus he’s getting cranky.

Why my right arm is apparently male now, I have no idea. Maybe today’s lack of sleep is starting to kick in…

…a door.

Edit: I saw Sez today and it/ she was/ is rad.

*for the next six months.


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