I’m a 24 year old writer who is talented in tripping over, remembering films in unnecessarily detail and spelling things strangely when I’m tired (see: ’embarque’.) I can also catch 30 coins off my elbow. Great for breaking the ice at parties.

I’ve been writing this blog since I was 15, so it is interestingly varied in both writing style and content. In terms of artistic skill however, it has remained constant. It mostly consists of awkward moments, semi-rants, strange childhood behaviour and geeky references.

If you’ve read this far and are still inclined towards clicking some more buttons, I can be found on twitter here, other examples of my writing  can be found here, and if you share my love of terrible music, click here.


4 responses to “About

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  2. Shannon McKeogh

    Hi Haroldiscool (elizabeth/liz/lizzy?), I like your blog and will be coming back for more. Your HP references made me laugh. Is Harold a reference to healthy harold? I hope so. I too am 22, but have the maturity level of a 16 year old.

  3. Thanks Shannon! I think there can never be enough HP references in any situation. Harold was actually just the first name I came up with at 15, though since then I’ve discovered books about Harold and the Purple Pencil (or something like that) and been fending off Harold from Neighbours accusations! Popular name :)

  4. Robert Smith

    Love your writing! Keep it up :)

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