Non-Harold Writing

Sometimes I string words together and fling them about to places other than here.  


Metro Magazine: Film

  • No. 184 – Autumn 2015: A Thousand Lives Together (Page 38)
  • No. 182 – Spring 2014: Brought to Life: The Melbourne International Animation Festival (Page 124)
  • No. 181 – Winter 2014: Behind the Battle Scars (Page 114)
  • No. 179 – Summer 2014: Writing Wrongs (Page 36)
  • No. 178 – Spring 2013: Seeing in the Dark (Page 48)
  • No. 174 – Spring 2012: Candid Cringe: Being Lara Bingle (Page 95)

Kill Your Darlings

  • No. 20 January 2015: The Course of True Love: Seven Weeks to a Stronger Relationship

Kill Your Darlings Online

The Lifted Brow

  • No. 26 June 2015: Recommendation: Selecting Friends Based Off How They React To Your Love For Andrew Lloyd Webber

Film Ink: Movie Magazine

  • August 2012 Issue: Cunning Stunts (Page 44)
  • October 2012 Issue: Teenage Wasteland (Page 83)
  • April 2013 Issue: They Should Make a Movie of That – Night Watch (Page 53)
  • May 2013 Issue: Fanpower: The Veronica Mars Kickstarter (Page 100)
  • July 2013 Issue: Alternate Content: Cinema’s Resurrection (Page 72)

Film Ink: Online

Spook Magazine


  • Issue 94: Hospital Hypocrisy (Page 55)

Subterranean Death Cult: Pop culture, film, gaming and more. 

Buzzcuts Adelaide Reviews Reviews of 2012 Adelaide Fringe shows for Buzzcuts, Express Media.

Lip Magazine My ‘is it ok?’ column.

Lip Magazine (other pieces)

The Punch


Guest Posts

On Dit 2011 The student magazine I edited alongside Sam and Rory in 2011

On Dit 2010 My 2010 On Dit Columns

Non-Writing Writing


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